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Small But Mighty….

Mortgage Solutions LLC is small! Small means fast, efficient & fluid. Small also means you deal with me (Kevin Mansouri) & one other directly. Being a Small & being a Broker, gives you the best edge when getting your loan. Or, if you’re a realtor, it gets your client the best deal period. As the owner and operator of Mortgage Solutions LLC, I have been honored to serve my realtor and customer clients for the past 17 years.

Local Mortgage Brokers are Better

It seems that the first step for anything now days is to “Google” it, and for good reason. The internet is so quick and convenient. Hundreds of search results are a click away. This is amazing, but not without a cost. People tend to look at the 4-5 top results and decide among those results. Not necessarily because they are the best but because they are convenient. In the internet world, those with the biggest budget typically win. Those big budgets come with a price……
Enter the local mortgage professional- His advertising budget is much smaller but he knows the market. He knows the underwriters, he knows the lender reps, he knows your city, and he knows how Utahans think. He probably was referred by a realtor that he knows. Or you picked him because someone knew him. You can’t put a price on the value of this. He genuinely cares that your loan closes on time. Not because he likes you, but because he has a lot to lose. He has also has a reputation to keep.

Shelby Cooley

I grew up in a small town of Montrose, Colorado in the 80’s with big hair, great 80’s music and a sense of adventure that has never left me. I loved to ski, play volleyball, basketball and anything outdoors. When I first attended BYU, I started in the science majors but quickly moved to business. When I fell into the mortgage business a few years later, I knew I had found my niche (even though at the time I didn’t know what the word mortgage meant). That was 23 years ago. I have 2 kiddos… twin 20 year olds. My daughter is a hair stylist and my son, who just returned from Seoul Korea, is a full time student. I love travel, learning, adventure and exploring. My motto has always been give me 5 minutes and I can have my bags packed to head out just about anywhere.

As for my profession:

I have become a home loan strategist over the last 23 years. I help optimize the lowest cost loan for every client! From potentially increasing credit scores for the lowest rates and fees to offering the most innovative loan options available including integrating grant programs when available, my commitment has always been to create the most efficient pathway to homeownership at the least expensive cost. I have been told many times that I think outside the box and see opportunities and solutions that other loan officers do not see. This unique way of thinking has resulted in many people achieving homeownership earlier than they had thought possible. My enjoyment and passion for this business shows thru in my commitment to educate my clients, communicate effectively and most importantly to close smoothly and on time which alleviates the stress for my clients.

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